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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have a BS in Exercise Physiology and was doing my MS to be a Physician Assistant in Surgery (because surgery is one of my loves but mom said a female surgeon wasn't a good lifestyle choice for a future involved mom... and despite my sometimes feminist ideas I agree) when I met my husband, married and moved away while he was finishing up his residency.
In University, I worked for a few years in an OR and was like this little princess future surgeon who they let do all these surgical things... it was an amazing experience. I also volunteered to drive an ambulance for a few months but that was just for kicks and giggles. And I also worked in a gym because I used to be a bodybuilder (that's what being fat in high school leads to I suppose) but never dressed the part.

And yes I kept my performing on the weekends a secret b/c who wants to point out how different they are when they're a teen. It was seriously confusing for a few years how I could get standing ovations and be so appreciated by our audiences on the weekends (total rock star appreciated) and then be a nothing at school. That may sound shallow but teens are easily messed with in the head I think.
It was a terrific education performing all over the world and watching my parents on the phone calls pertaining to our 1-3 shows a weekend.
We never advertised. It was all word of mouth... and I've heard the Von Trapp comparison a billion times. We even did a few songs in Hebrew for a cool Jewish association - my dad made up all these lyrics - he's this creative genius.
We did shows for the prime minister of India in Long Island, shows for Bollywood stars, Deepak Chopra (who btw never stopped working the entire show - he was on the phone hustling - gotta admire that - I think it was during the Anthony Kiedis years) , etc., It was awesome to see so many new places and meet so many different people and see how they live their lives (and to work together as a family unit - my sister is a better scholar than I and used to study on stage while smiling and playing her instrument and then go and ace her Organic Chem, etc final the next day)... and to be at great celebrations every weekend was awesome too... but the most amazing thing out of it all was meeting all the amazing, warm, kind, gracious families we met. Seriously nice people... made me want to be even better instead of focusing on being funny (I swear it was like watching The Nanny when you met me for a few yrs there)

Soooo rambling, there's so much more but I'll totally spare you... hugs...

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